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This page is prepared to help you gather vital information important to your case. This particular page is specific to Calhoun County, Florida. We are a law Firm that handles these types of cases through out the state of Florida. If you are charged with a sex related crime we are prepared to aggressively defend you in any county in the state of Florida.

Remember the gathering of information is vital to a defense in these types of case.

In order to obtain this information the first place you will want to go to is the web page for the Calhoun county clerk office. The following is a link to that website.

Calhoun County Clerk of Courts.

This website will give you information about your case. With this information you could begin building your file. The following link is a list of judges for Calhoun county criminal felony criminal division. I have also put the link to the Calhoun State Attorney’s office. With this link you will be able to call their office and they will be able to give you the name of the assistant state attorney this will be handling your case. Make sure you have your case number from the link above

Calhoun County Judges Criminal division

Calhoun County State Attorney’s Office

This page will give you a back ground on your judge. If the judge changes you could email us and we will help you get that information. The other link is where the individual is being held. This is the link for the Calhoun County Sheriffs office. This link will help you locate the accused if he/she is being held in custody.

Glades County Sheriffs Office

The following is a link to map quest to help you with directions to get to the county courthouse.

Judicial Circuit. With this information you can begin educating yourself on the case. At the Arreaza Law Firm we offer a free consultation as to your case. Give us a call. Let our experience and knowledge work for you.

Tell us about your case.